Wednesday, September 5, 2012

File Sharing between Linux and Windows

File Server = linux ( or any unix really, except crapOSX)

User = linux (android,ubuntu, others) or windows (ouch. still home to visio and lots of adobe stuff though)

It has always been an issue to connect these two, and as all data should be centralized and kept on at least one resilient raid setup within a file server, we always have that big issue of how to connect the autist windows client with the unix file servers.

The standard way used to be (for me at least) to setup samba, as an open source imitation of the windows file sharing solution is almost perfect (there are quirks, but then it's more than usable).

But then, it's clear that samba isn't that great, and that if we could get everything running under the very standard NFS, it would be great.

Some guys coded dokan / nekodrive to help with that, unfortunately dokan is a buggy piece of crap, and nekodrive is based on it.

Microsoft offers NFS support easily click-installable on entreprise and ultimate versions, but then that's not exactly the license we all get with OEMs.

So I'm currently looking at finding a way to make w7hp access an NFS share

ocsetup does not work.
sua does not work.
cygwin doesn't want to help.

The world hates me, and apt-get install samba. If you're looking for me, I'll be crying under the shower.

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