Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Solving the wrong problem

Tragedy Hurricane : everybody rushes to solve the logistical and human problems related to the hurricane hitting populated areas.

My view : fuck that, let's kill Hurricanes instead.

We have many hurricanes or proto-hurricanes to test on, we have weapons powerful enough to deflect and destroy hurricanes, why the fuck are we still working in fire-fighting mode ?

(for the naysayers: a hurricane is a form of equilibrium, disrupting it in the right way will take it down without spending as much energy as the hurricane holds, current military weapons including oxygen combustion bombs are more than powerful enough, especially if used in coordinated strikes with multiple devices)

nb: I don't say we shouldn't help them, I just say preventing other hurricanes will save many more lives and should be our primary focus. - and of course there is major parallel between this and the "why don't we do anything big anymore" post linked on HN recently. Climate control has been within our reach for decades and we haven't done much in the way of making it a reality yet.

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