Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Really Matters

I want to see humanity progress

There's nothing quite like a man setting a foot on the moon, the first space station, cures for cancer or the revolution of mentalities.

I want to see people become smarter

There's nothing quite like a child learning to talk, walk, read or anything.

There's nothing as fulfilling as actually making a strong impact on the world. 

And what stronger impact could one have than empowering others to make a much stronger impact.

I want to see people become wiser

Karma was understood by Jesus ("father, forgive them ... ") and by Buddha a long time ago and yet some people ignore the obvious fact that life must be respected (because we're life, duh).

Equilibrium was well understood in chinese culture (yin/yang) a long time ago, and yet most people thought it acceptable to allow large scale human activity that did not take into account the need for a complete cycle.

As a race, we must find a way to promote wisdom, or it's going to take infinitely longer for "heaven on earth".

I don't have the right solution yet, but it shouldn't take too long if we all search together ;)

and there I am, working for money so I can buy the freedom to work for those goals -- not bad but not quite there yet. Still, I think I've got a plan :)

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